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Steven Bartlett Co-Founder and Investor at thirdweb. He founded Social Chain (a world-leading social media company) at 21 years old, built it into a global business with $220m annual revenue by 27 years old. Along the way, Steve has amassed a large following online (Almost 2 Million people across Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, Linkedin and his podcast), due to his informative and inspirational videos covering topics from entrepreneurship, business, social media and marketing. This has led to a number of profiles in the world's leading publications where he has been dubbed "The most influential individual in Social Media Marketing", the "most influential individual in marketing in 2017/18" by 100 agency leaders, he was included in Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020 and more recently he was inducted into Manchester’s Hall of Fame by the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

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