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Thirdweb, Shopify for Web3, a platform for building web3 apps and games without code. Thirdweb’s founders are Steven Bartlett and Furqan Rydhan. Bartlett previously founded a marketing agency called The Social Chain, and those in the UK may recognize him as the newest — and youngest — investor to join the "Dragon’s Den" (the "Shark Tank" of US or Tigers of Japan). Rydhan is a serial entrepreneur: the co-founding CTO of Bebo and then AppLovin. He started an incubator, Founders Inc., which is where the idea for thirdweb emerged. Thirdweb facilitates deploying smart contracts (using your own wallet) so that you can use widgets and interfaces with web3 features in your product, whether that be an app, game, or DAO. Makers can use thirdweb to launch NFTs, marketplaces, social tokens, and more.

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